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Zelo:You Wanna Ride It, My Motorcycle
The final bell rang and you hurriedly packed up your things as you rushed out class. You had been ecstatic all day after receiving a text from your boyfriend’s bandmates, informing you that they had returned from their overseas promotions. It had been three months since you last saw each other and you were lucky if he ever had the time to call or text you. It’s not to say you couldn't live without him constantly there, you were fine on your own, you just missed sharing each other’s company. Jongup had informed you that as soon as they arrived at the dorms, Zelo had insisted on going to see you, but had fallen asleep almost immediately. So instead he would pick you up from school today. You weren't entirely sure what you were looking for, as you assumed he wouldn't want to show his identity in such a crowded, public area. But as you scanned the vehicles along the roadside and parking lot your optics caught on a familiar crop of curly blonde locks. A smile etched its wa
:iconhoshi-bun:Hoshi-bun 2 0
Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate
South Korea swallowed hard. 'I can totally do this!’ He thought to himself, taking a deep breath. Slowly he walks up to the Taiwanese beauty, sitting contently on top of a large rock by a koi pond, watching the clouds in the relfection of the clear waters. Yong Soo cleared his throat as he neared the girl, hoping to catch her attention. “Mei…” He said in a low, serious voice. She turned to him and smiled that bright, adorable smile of hers. Taking another deep breath, he cautiously stepped ever closer to her, offering his hand to her. She took it and hopped down from the rock in a swift, almost majestic, movement. “Yong Soo, why do you look so serious? Lighten up, it’s just me!” She playfully punched his arm, not catching his atmosphere. He gave her his best smile but he knew by her reaction that the attempt was futile. Sighing and rubbing the back of his neck, realising this was harder than anticipated, Korea picked his next words very carefu
:iconhoshi-bun:Hoshi-bun 3 7


DotA 2 - Summer - Tripple Kill by MilliganVick DotA 2 - Summer - Tripple Kill :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 1,257 37 DotA 2 - Luna - From dusk till dawn by MilliganVick DotA 2 - Luna - From dusk till dawn :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 402 16 DotA 2 - Summer - the radiant girls by MilliganVick DotA 2 - Summer - the radiant girls :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 967 11 DotA 2 - WR - Sorrow by MilliganVick DotA 2 - WR - Sorrow :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 689 51 DotA 2 - Summer - Moonlight bathing by MilliganVick DotA 2 - Summer - Moonlight bathing :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 675 31 DotA 2 - Luna - On the hunt! by MilliganVick DotA 2 - Luna - On the hunt! :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 411 17 DotA 2 WR - One of me ain't enough. by MilliganVick DotA 2 WR - One of me ain't enough. :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 161 16 DotA 2 - Lanaya - Ah, strange by MilliganVick DotA 2 - Lanaya - Ah, strange :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 206 8 DotA 2 - Lanaya - On your guard! by MilliganVick DotA 2 - Lanaya - On your guard! :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 240 9 DotA 2 Summer - Windrunner by MilliganVick DotA 2 Summer - Windrunner :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 469 20 DotA 2 - Lina - Valentine's day by MilliganVick DotA 2 - Lina - Valentine's day :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 171 6 DotA 2 - Luna - The Moon Rider by MilliganVick DotA 2 - Luna - The Moon Rider :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 482 31 DOTA 2 Valentines - Courier by swift-whippet DOTA 2 Valentines - Courier :iconswift-whippet:swift-whippet 55 11 - Dota 2 pin-up: Faceless Void - by skatanic - Dota 2 pin-up: Faceless Void - :iconskatanic:skatanic 20 4 Faceless Void Dota 2 by JHUBS Faceless Void Dota 2 :iconjhubs:JHUBS 38 10
Passion - NorwayXShy!Reader
Passion - NorwayXShy!Reader by SnixxY
"(Name) I love you."
"Ugh.. you can't just say it so bluntly!"
"You need to be more passionate!"
"You need to hold her waist, look her in the eye and tell her she is the most beautiful thing in the world!"
"Tell her you can't live without her!"
"Then kiss her passionately!"
"Then lift her bridal style and take her to your room an-", the Dane was interrupted by the doorbell ringing.
"There she comes and remember - 'be passionate'", Matthias lifted his hand dramatically, mouthing the last words and dashed to the kitchen where the rest of the nordics were. Once they saw him, they all gathered up on the small door and tried to take a peek at what was happening in the other room.
The Dane had been helping the Norwegian man for the past couple of hours rehearse his confession for his undying love for you.. and had been failing miserably. It was almost as if the Dane was talking to a wall. No ma
:iconsnixxy:SnixxY 599 93


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1) You Must Post The Rules.
2) Each Person Must Post 5 Things About Themselves In Their Journal.
3) Answer The Questions The Tagger Set For You In Their Post, And Create Eleven New Questions For The People You Tag To Answer.
4) You Have To Choose 11 People To Tag And Post Their Icons On Your Journal.
5) Go To Their Page And Tell Them You Have Tagged Them.
6) No Tag Backs.
7) No Stuff In The Tagging Section About "You're Tagged If You're Reading This". You Legitimately Have To Tag 11 People.


1. What time were you born?
~   I think  it was nine at night..?Forgive me!
2. What is your favourite ramen noodle flavour?
~ Chicken, spicy beef, or Miso! ^^
3. If you could marry anyone in the world, dead or alive, real or not real, who would it be?
~ William <3
4. What is your favourite emoticon on here?
~ I will pee on your cushions THIS THING!! XD
5. Do you drink tea? If so, sweetened or unsweetened?
~ Sweetened, always! 
6. Do you consider yourself strange? If so, why?
~ Definitely! Because I'm dumb and spacey! Sweating a little...
7. What is your favourite non primary colour?
~ purple :3
8. If you could choose to live in a reality outside of this one (movie, book, etc.) which would you choose? Why?
~ Again with the hard decisions! It's probably gotta be between Ocarina of Time, Soul Eater, SAO, or Pokemon Heart
9. What type of dog is your favourite?
~ It's between Husky and Pitbull Heart
10. If you had to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time, for what reason would you choose (cancer, broken leg, etc.)?
~ uhhh... broken ribs ^^;
11. Ummmm.... would you rather eat wet or dry cat food? XD
~ well, I've eaten dry.. so I guess that XD


I really don't want to make eleven new questions or tag people right now.. I'm lazy ^^;

5 Facts about Hoshi-bun ^^
  1. I am a sarcastic asshole and I am not sorry 
  2. I'm currently addicted to the song "So Scandalous" (Soul's theme from Soul Eater)
  3. I love RP and fanfiction ^^
  4. I really hate sad things.. Prefer to keep it light hearted and funny
  5. I have ADD.. bad X3 

  • Listening to: So Scandalous
  • Reading: SoMa fanfiction
  • Watching: Soul Eater
  • Playing: Ocarina of Time 3D
  • Eating: n/a
  • Drinking: MANGO TEA


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